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To join BTW, or to renew your (family) membership via post, select the following form:

Membership with PDF copies of Triker and BTW-IE Newsletter £30.00


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IMPORTANT NOTE: All Cheques and/or Postal Orders are to be made out to 'Brothers of the Third Wheel-UK' only

For bank transferres please contact Treasurer@btw-IE.com

To join or renew your BTW-IE (family) membership via PayPal, Please complete the following:
(Paying via PayPal includes a transaction fee)

BTW-IE Membership Options
Add ALL members names
membership number (renewals only)
Primary members Address
Facebook Link
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I Am Willing To Share My Contact Details With Other Members. ***


*Note: Include all Primary and associate (Family) members names, membership number if known, and primary member address.

**Note For event reminders and renewals, please include a mobile number.
For Newsletters and membership renewals, please ensure that you include your correct email address.
To be added to the BTW-IE closed group, include your FaceBook link. For Example, https://www.facebook.com/david.longstaff.376

*** Selecting No excludes the Chapter Director, Membership Secretary, RC's, and Treasurer.

New members, before you Join, please make sure that you read and understand the BTW-IE Bylaws and Guidelines. Especially the Guidelines relating to MC's. Find out from your local MC if you are allow you to wear the backbadge in their area. Do not wear your backbadge while riding a bike, or when riding outside your area (always remove/cover up). Once you join the BTW you may not be a member of, or show support for, any MC's or MCC's (event patches are OK). The BTW is a family association, and is NOT a member of the alliance.


The Guidlines and Bylaws can be viewed via the Downloads tab.


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